October 8, 2013

Spent the last few weeks getting the bike ready to race. Only need the numbers installed for this weekend race in Tuba City held by AZOP. The new muffler from FMF looks and sounds great! Noise level reduced greatly from stock which is much easier on my ears.

September 14, 2013

Spent the last couple of days breaking in the new bike... it's awesome!!!

September 10, 2013

Just picked up the 2014 KX450F ... Thank You to Northland Motorsports!!!


4/29 - Placed 3rd in open expert!
Northland Motorsports pit crew was awesome... Thank You everyone for your guidance, training and support! Thank You to all other sponsors... Answer Racing, Gaerne, and Smith! A special Thank You on this race to Pernell... Thanks Bro for all your guidance!!!

4/22 - Whiplash Motorsports will be hosting the Cinder Race on 4/28 & 4/29. We will be racing on Sunday morning. Practice has been really good and we are looking forward to doing well in this race.

4/1 - Continued practice this weekend. Knee is feeling much better (snowboarding accident a little over a month ago). New training partner helped with speed and consistency. Cornering speed has increased considerably. Looking forward to another week of training and then heading to a race soon.

3/22 - Over the last month... lots of practice and slight adjustments to suspension. Major practice on jumps and cornering abilities. Possibly going to Whiplash race in north phoenix on Sunday.

2/5 - 2nd in A+ open expert division!
Bike ran perfect. Special Thank You to Joe & Pernell for tire change... they worked awesome!!! Arizona Offroad Promotions setup a great track... partial single track mixed with motocross track. LOTS OF FUN!!!!

12/18 - New calendar under the schedule page. The calendar will be updated with practice and racing events we are going to attend.

12/11 - A few weeks off while engine is rebuilt. Broke shifting rod mechanism in transmission due to wreck in practice. Engine is being rebuilt by Northland Motorsports and will be race ready soon. Enjoying the holiday's and rest before the next year of racing begins. Looking forward to lots of good racing this coming year. Thank You to Northland Motorsports and a special Thank You to "Johnny Bra"... YOU DA MAN!!!

9/11 - 3rd place in open expert class! Special Thank You to everyone at NORTHLAND MOTORSPORTS!
Whiplash Desert Race held at Cinder OHV area in Flagstaff, AZ. 2 hours, 14 mile loops. Nice weather, rained the night before and traction was great. Northland Pit crew... AWESOME JOB! Course was fun, had a great time!

9/10 & 9/11 - Whiplash Motorsports hosts the CINDER MOUNTAIN 100 at the Cinder Lake OHV area in Flagstaff, AZ. Check their website for race details. Motorcycles race at 8am on Sunday.

8/14/11 - Grinding Stone MX is closed until further notice. See their website for details.